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Marketing 2020 Forecast: What To Update And Why

Marketing 2020 Forecast: What To Update And Why

Ending the year strong and resilient is on every marketer’s list. Since embracing progress and growth go hand in hand – and technology is changing at a rapid pace – this month and next are also perfect to reflect and regroup.

Here’s what business prognosticators are saying to watch for next year:


Author and marketer Neil Patel (Marketing School Live) thinks 2020 is going to be “a year of less reading and more watching, listening, and talking.” For instance:


  • You’ll be hearing a lot about omni-channel marketing. In other words, a fluid marketing blend across platforms. Those platforms include organic social marketing, paid media, content marketing, email marketing, and video.


  • Video is vital to any cross platform campaign. Why? Because it’s everywhere, from Instagram to news in the morning, live streaming on social channels, welcome videos on web pages and emails, to Pinterest and How-To videos. There’s a million ways to tap into almost every video experience to get your brand in front of the right audience at the right time. Plus, producing a great video is getting less expensive – and more necessary. Video clips enhance just about every type of marketing you can think about.


  • Another term that is getting bandied about for 2020 is CRO, or Conversion Rate Optimization. In other words, producing a good marketing campaign with great videos isn’t enough. You have to find an effective way to cut through the noise to find potential customers, educate them, and get them to act. Knowing your audience and what excites them – what they want – is step 1.


  • Step 2 is making sure that what you are already doing is working and welcoming. For instance, you may have a great video welcoming folks to your site, but is it quickly downloadable? Does it work on small screens? Is your website easily navigable or is it a maze? In other words, make your customer’s journey on any digital platform as easy as possible.


  • Consider educating (not lecturing) your customers with a How-To video: How-To use your product in a new way, How-To speak the lingo of your business (this one begs a little humor), How-To score $$ off your next order, “How just 3 little products will make your 2020 first quarter,” etc. The more imaginative (and truly useful), the better.


At FocalPoint, we stay tuned into what’s happening in the world of marketing as well as what’s happening with our clients. We are always interested in how to help you build your brand in a way that increases business in a cost-effective way.

Let’s talk about what we can do together in 2020.

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