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At Focal Point, we understand the power of your message. It’s your message and we’re not here to tell you what to say. We simply will help you say it best. We believe our Points of Difference set us aside from our competitors.

The center of attention. That’s the focal point. And making your brand the focal point of our business is what we are all about. Focal Point is a brand agency that helps you build strong relationships with your customers by honing in on the essence of your business. We develop innovative creative solutions by offering a comprehen-sive array of services, including advertising and marketing, video production, website development and specialized elements like custom animation, photography and 3-D graphics that can bring an added dimension of originality to your marketing efforts.


We pride ourselves on listening to our clients and immersing ourselves in your business. This allows us to understand your business…


You have a brand. It is the essence of who you are and what you do as a company.


It’s the message, not the medium. But we need an avenue, now let us find the right one for you!


Shake Things Up!  Do you want your marketing to fit in with everyone else’s? You want to stand out. Get noticed. We thought so.

[gap size=”10px”][gap size=”30px”][testimonial_wrap animate=”animate_none”][testimonial]“Focal Point has been fantastic to work with. They’re the ultimate professionals. “They always meets our deadlines, even short deadlines. When they know we’re in a crunch, they turn things around even faster. Plus, they’ve gone above and beyond on some projects – handling things not included in the actual contract, to make a better end product.”[client_name]Wiley Publishing[/client_name]Rosemarie Graham[/testimonial][testimonial]“In looking for a photographer for our interior, golf course, training academy, etc., I wanted to find someone that would be able to capture more than one feel for many different uses of the photos. Focal Point was able to achieve this. It’s nice to have a partner for our business that we can trust.”[client_name]Prairie View Golf Course[/client_name]Shelly Hendricks[/testimonial][testimonial]“Focal Point’s architectural work is outstanding. The photos capture you and make you feel like you are in the space – whether it’s the lobby, board room or common spaces.”[client_name]Fairbanks Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center[/client_name]Ty Spisak[/testimonial][testimonial]“You guys did a great job with all the marketing materials! Our partners were very impressed and the show was a huge success. We attracted the attention of the largest plumbing supplier in the United States. We have completely surpassed our goal for the show, Thanks for all your help. We are looking forward to expanding our marketing efforts with Focal Point.”[client_name]Linkplus Technologies[/client_name]Ian Munnoch[/testimonial][testimonial]”Hi Brien,
Receiving 100% positive feedback on the new Website, including “Looks fantastic. Congrats” from Larry W. Gies, Madison Industries CEO.
All in one again congrats, well done!”[client_name]Extrude Hone[/client_name]Bruno Boutantin[/testimonial][testimonial]”Hi, Brien.
I think we accomplished A LOT yesterday. It was fun and your skills and talent rock!”[client_name]Graston Technique[/client_name]Bobbi Munholland[/testimonial][testimonial]“I have been involved in Marketing and have seen a lot of great ad designs throughout my career, but I have to say that ad for the Super Tech Finals featuring our guys the way it did was simply AWESOME! Great job!”[client_name]Dickinson Fleet Services[/client_name]Steve Ginn[/testimonial][/testimonial_wrap]