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TV Commercials

TV Commercials



Bar Keepers Friend was originally manufactured in 1882 as a cleaning agent in powdered form. This formulation is still manufactured today. It was invented by chemist George William Hoffman in Indianapolis, Indiana. The product was originally sold to bars in Indianapolis and Hoffman asserted in a patent application that the name had been used since January, 1887.


The Bar Keepers Friend logo represents the swinging doors of a saloon. According to the president of SerVaas Laboratories, Paul SerVaas, although some people complained during Prohibition, “the name was never changed. It’s been Bar Keepers Friend since 1882”.


Focal Point Marketing partnered with SerVaas Laboratories to write and produced a campaign of TV commercials to promote a new spinoff product from their popular Bar Keepers Friend cleaning agent in power form called Bar Keepers Friend Multipurpose Cooktop Cleaner.   




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