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product animation still

Product Animation

3D Product Animation


Focal Point engaged with Kensington to design and develop photo realistic product animations. We were tasked showcasing products that only existed in the form of CAD files and producing photo realistic 3D animation to feature the actual aesthetics and features of the products.  In some cases the products were featured in full motion animations and in other cases photo realistic 3D renderings were generated to be used in digital and print advertisements. 



In the example below the 3D animation was featured on Amazon to showcase the product.


Kensington Security Cabinet AC30 on Amazon


  • Neatly and easily charges, transports, locks, and stores up to 30 devices (up to 15.6 inches each).
  • Lockable front and rear doors allow you to secure the devices inside (padlocks not included).
  • A security cable attachment ring provides a sturdy, secure point to attach a security cable (security cable and padlock not included).
  • Built-In dividers and cable management organizes devices and cables and keeps bulky adapters out of the way.
  • 5-inch removable non-marking locking casters allow for easy movement over rough and uneven surfaces.
  • Digital cycle charging technology charges 15 devices at a time in 15-minute intervals for faster, more efficient charging; helps lower temperature inside the cart to prolong device life.
  • A push handle makes transport simple.


Explainer Video Frame

Explainer Animation Video



Focal Point felt right at home working with Teradata on this project.  We coordinated with the Teradata team to produce and design the explainer animation video to communicate the history and evolution of digital media and how it interacts with the consumer.  Understanding Big Data, Customer Loyalty, Real Time Interaction while offering personalized offers.  Most importantly, making sure you are relevant with your content.

21st Century Scholar

Whiteboard Animation

Indiana Commission on Education

21st Century Scholar



Focal Point worked with The Indiana Commission on Education to develop a creative whiteboard animation presentation that would Engage, Educate and Entertain incoming college freshman students about the 21st Century Scholarship program.  Working together with key individuals at the Indiana Commission on Education Focal Point developed  scripts for a series of whiteboard animation videos, each approximately 9 minutes in length.  Following script approval our animation team began creating the whiteboard animation images and illustrations that would education teenagers across the state of Indiana about the scholarship opportunities available to them and the qualifications to receive the benefits.  The animations provided key information on ” College Success 101″, Estimating College Cost”  and “Paying for College 101”.  The whiteboard animation style makes it possible to communicate complex information in an easy to understand presentation with engaging content and entertaining visuals.